Creates the First Impression

It is a Fact that Most Students do not Know How to Make a Cover Page

When one is tasked to write a research paper, he should be aware of all its significant aspects. One should know that an excellent paper is not just about articulate form of putting one’s thought and data into words. An exceptional project includes a catchy subject, creative writing, extensive examination, coherent outline, accurate citation, and conventional cover page. Indeed, to accomplish an A level paper, a researcher should give ample focus to each part. Aside from the selection of good research topics, one should also know how to make a cover page, for this is what creates the first impression.

The cover page partakes in the value of one’s study. Some take it for granted, believing that the body of the paper, as well as the contents is the ones that are being evaluated by the faculty. Then again, the front page is a significant part of the project and it is one factor that is graded and assessed.

Here are some pointers one can utilize when he is aiming for a flawless cover page:

• Familiarize yourself with the writing style required by the teacher-in-charge. Research paper writing has various formats—and these have different requirements as well. One has to be familiar with the assigned writing method. The requisites of an APA format are really different from MLA and Harvard writing styles.

• Keep it simple. Simplicity is important with any written project; this indicates the notion of the study. Do not try to impress your professor by trying to spruce up your research paper cover page. This sets the tone of the paper and it is important to keep it clear-cut.

• Never use colored fonts. Indeed, the use of colored fonts is a big no on research papers. It creates a babyish impression and is definitely unacceptable. Decorated characters should be used on invitations, but never use other colors aside from black when dealing with a research paper.

• Utilize fonts that are simple and readable. Select prints that are actually legible. Perplexing fonts can be exasperating, and will definitely ruin the quality of your project. Most commonly used fonts are Times New Roman and Arial. In some cases, font styles are not specified; as a researcher, you should make certain that you do not use off-putting characters.

• Make certain that it has complete information. No matter what the writing method is, the researcher should make certain that all the necessary details are provided. It should include the research paper title, the name of the researcher, the name of the instructor, the date of the submission, and the affiliated university.

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